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I’ve been pickling, a lot, to try to keep up with the mountains of produce in the fridge. I’ve only canned dilly beans though, so have mostly been doing just fridge pickles. Right now, there are red onions, kirbies, jalapenos (how do you spell jalapenoes? Jalapenos?), and a now empty jar that was pickled tomatoes, my favorite so far. This batch was a mix of cherries from our garden plot, as well as tomatoes from a mixed pint of cherries from our share.

Pickled Tomatoes2


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Ugh! Maybe this blogging business isn’t for me. I leave things here way too unattended.
Somebody asked me on Sunday what I’ve been up to this summer. I had no idea. Luckily my camera told me otherwise.

I’ve been cooking a lot sans recipes, with whatever is in the fridge, which happens to be A LOT of produce between our CSA and our garden.
Radish and Cuke Salad

I’ve been picking lots of fruit: cherries, peaches, blueberries, more peaches, and raspberries. And more peaches.
Moods Windmill

I’ve been making pickles.
Dilly Beans

And chutney.

And jam.

I grilled octopus last weekend.

I’ve been picking lots of delicious veg out of my garden. (Oops, I meant OUR garden.)

I’ve been shooting some weddings! One by myself, and one as an assistant. And I got paid! But, shh, don’t tell Uncle Sam.
First Dance BW

I made zucchini bread that wasn’t very good.
zucchini bread

I met Jennifer Carroll! Swoon.

I took two canning classes: beets and tomatoes (and salsa).
Packing beets

I’ve also been loving on my new chest freezer. More on that later.

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Um, where did June go? Hello? At the end of May, I was fortunate to go to Doris/Audra’s house, of Doris and Jilly Cook for a beetfest. We learned the basics of canning, both water bath and pressure canning and best of all, left with a jar of pickled beets, which I’m carefully hoarding until the right moment.

Cooked beets
First, you cook the beets, peel them, and cut them up into big chunks.

Pushing down the beets
Then you load them into the jars. If you’re pressure canning them, you cover them with hot water. If you’re water bath canning them, you add sugar, water, and vinegar to pickle them. Adding acid to the jars allows you to safely water bath can them as opposed to needing to pressure can them.

The clean rings should be screwed on just right, not too loose and not too tight.

Fishing out the jars
Process the jars.

Audra's stash
Doris/Audra showing us her stash.

Beets ready to eat.

Next up: sweet cherry jam.

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